Google demonstrates the VR and AR capabilities of Android devices equipped with WebXR technology


Without glasses or special accessories, Android devices can deliver augmented reality experiences directly from the Chrome browser, combining the image seen through the camera lens with 3D-modeled objects

WebXR is a web-processing standard, just like HTML or CSS, but instead of web pages and tables, real-time VR and AR interactive experiences with or without special glasses (eg Google Cardboard) are provided

The X from the WebXR name is left to "A" or "V", the API booklet set accommodating both types of experiences. However, given the huge variety of mobile devices in circulation, it remains to be seen whether compatibility issues will limit the spread of this type of content

For the time being, the only way we can try 3D experiences using the WebXR API is accessing the demos made available by Google

For everything to work, it is necessary to use a smartphone from a list of only a few compatible devices, along with the latest Chrome Canary edition addressed to developers, with chrome: // flags / # webxr and chrome: // flags / # webxr-hit-test .

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