Google forbids Chrome browser extensions for virtual coins


Google has announced on the Chromium blog that it will ban all extensions for the Chrome browser that sheds virtual coins. Thus, from now on, it will no longer accept such applications, and the existing ones will be deleted at the end of June.

For example, it has recently been discovered that a popular extension for Chrome, SafeBrowse, is to mine virtual coins with more than 140,000 users with PCs without knowing it

The company made the decision after the number of these extensions increased faster. Applications that use blockchain technology for other purposes will still be allowed.

Moreover, as of June this year, advertisements for cryptogonets, initial currencies and wallets will be banned by Google to prevent scams. In January 2018, Facebook took the same measure. Other companies that have announced similar decisions are LinkedIn, Twitter and Snap

In the last six months, the share of monthly applications of virtual currency-based applications in Romania has tripled, from 8% between April and September 2017 to 24% in February, while rromatic attacks have decreased slightly by two percentage points , informs Bitdefender.

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