Google has added an option for self-filling email addresses and media search functionality in the Gboard beta keyboard


When it comes to beta 7.0.2, the Gboard keyboard introduces a new option for automatic email address filling and a universal media search feature

Still incomplete, the auto-fill address function checks the typed text and offers suggestions with previously used addresses. For insertion into text, it is enough to choose one of the selections displayed. Unfortunately, in the current state, the system does not work well, after the installation of the application it takes 15-30 minutes for the application to obtain the necessary data from the mobile phone memory, and with some devices the auto-complete support does not work at all. Certainly, these issues will be resolved for the official release of the Gboard keyboard.

As for the universal media search function, it allows the discovery of animated animations, stickers and animated GIFs, all at once. The new feature can be found using the emoji key, followed by selecting the "magnifying glass" button located on the bottom row of keys

The new Gbox beta version also increases the number of languages ​​supported, adding Korean, Japanese and Chinese (pinyn and cantonese dialects).

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