Google launches Google News for iOS – with AI support


For several years, Apple has sch on Apple News in the US. A publication in Germany has not yet been confirmed. This could possibly be due to the editors who select some of the top news and customize it for the format. Google takes a different approach, relying on data you've already collected in conjunction with artificial intelligence to help you discover news. All you need is a Google Account and the freshly updated "Google News" app.

This was Google Play Newsstand until yesterday and has been completely redesigned to give you a "better reading experience". In the "For you" tab right after signing up, there is a lot of news ready for you that Google has put together based on your preferences (visited pages, search queries, etc.). It covers various topics.

Under "Headlines" hides the biggest news of the day and provides several news sources and a timeline for each topic, so you always have the history in view and better understanding of contexts.

Favorites allows you to set specific topics, news sources, and geographic locations to get local news as well. Google News ensures that reliable sources are used to ensure that you receive real and quality content. Whether Apple can already refill with iOS 12 and makes the news app available for more countries, we learn next month to the WWDC.

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