Google Lens is now available on all Android devices

Google Lens is now available on all Android devices


In addition to running a 100% pure Android version and getting the fastest software updates, Google's Pixel series smartphones have faster access to certain services that only later arrive on other devices. After the temporary exclusivity for Google Assistant has expired and is now available on all Android devices, the time has come for the Google Lens to be used on any type of phone

Google Lens is a Google Photos feature that uses real-time search services to directly record information on things the camera detects on the phone screen. These can be street names, building names, additional information about them, and anything else can be found on services like Google Maps. Practically, Lens offers a real-time visual look, not much different than what other smartphone manufacturers are trying to bring with features such as Bixby Vision from Samsung or ThinQ from LG

Google Lens Launch will be upgraded as a Google Photos app. Those who have already received the update can access it immediately, while the rest of the users will have to wait for a few days.

Google also promised a version of iOS for this feature, which will be available in the near future. There is not yet a launch date for this, but the update will surely come with Google Photos too

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