Google Makes Considerable Investments In A Non-Android Platform

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KaiOS could replace the Android operating system for some device categories

Despite efforts to optimize performance and memory consumption, Android remains an unfortunate choice for mobile phones in the lowest-priced niche. Also called feature phones, non-smart mobile phones are delivered with less sophisticated firmware, in which the features we usually associate with smart phones are either lacking, or are almost unusable due to poor implementation

Wanting to solve this shortcoming, Google is investing in a mobile platform called KaiOS. Operating system developed exclusively for low-cost phones, it has nothing in common with Android. Of course, here comes Google, bringing many of the services and benefits of the Android platform

According to KaiOS developers, the operating system already operates with the devices of a wide variety of mobile phone manufacturers and operators, both in the United States and in many emerging economies

Among the companies that use KaiOS to equip mobile phones are TCL, HMD Global (the company behind the Nokia smart phone brand) and Micromax

Confirming collaboration, Google officials have said they are planning to bring Google's services and applications to as many devices as possible, whether PC, smartphone or feature phone.

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