Google Maps gets the option to route routes accessible to people with disabilities

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Google has added the "wheelchair accessible" option in the Google Maps app. This allows the optimization of the transit routes in the areas of the big cities, taking into account the facilities offered by the means of transport in support of persons with disabilities.

Thus, the calculation of the transit route will take into account factors such as the presence of access ramps for trolleys and elevators at the entrance to the metro stations

To use this option, we need to enter the desired address in Google Maps and use the "Directions" button. From here, we choose "Public Transportation" and then use the "Options" button to tick "wheelchair accessible."

For the time being, the new transit option is only added to London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney

Simultaneously, Google also updated Street View images to help you plan your travel route in advance, taking into account potential obstacles that are not immediately apparent on Google Maps.

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