Google Pay at the end of June in Germany

The Handelsblatt reports on the Germany launch of Android Pay. Together with the Commerzbank Google starts the service in this country, if nothing goes wrong, the end of June.

Android Pay initially only with credit card

At the beginning you can use the function, however, only if you have a Own credit card of Commerzbank. However, plans are underway to offer the same service to users who only have a normal giro card. However, weeks or months might pass before this happens.

It is also conceivable that customers of the subsidiary "comdirect" will also have access to the system. According to Handelsblatt, there was already a test page on its website in May.

Market in Germany "difficult"

One of the biggest difficulties in the German market is the "love of the Germans" for cash. In Scandinavia it would be completely different. According to the Bundesbank, 75 percent of all purchases would be made in cash.

A whole series of solutions, some of which were too cumbersome to operate, have already failed on the German market (Yapital, Telekom Pay, Vodafone Pay).

Google's service more interesting than Apple Pay?

For Apple, Google's move "perhaps" would be a loss of prestige. However, the Handelsblatt quotes an "expert" according to which Android Pay in Germany is the more interesting alternative. Because in this country there would be more Android than iPhone users.

It's that simple but not. Your smartphone currently has to support at least Android 5.0 for Google Pay and NFC and HCE (a feature of newer NFC systems that allow the emulation of a smart card).

What does this mean for Apple Pay?

Fans of Apple have not given up hope for Apple Pay. Is there a jolt in the process now? Or do we have to wait for the start of the payment service in Germany?

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