Google Phone for Android receives filter for redirecting unsolicited calls

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Unsolicited phone calls received to promote various products and services will be automatically blocked on Android-powered phones by checking a simple setting in the calling application. ] Working on a permanently updated list of SPAM phone numbers, the new setting in the Phone app should drastically reduce the number of unsolicited calls. Automatically targeted to the voice mailbox, calls can be heard later if you suspect a missed call. However, most users will be able to solve the problem of voicemail notifications by deleting incoming messages without listening to them

Unlike other blocked numbers on demand, calls identified by the Google Phone app as unwanted are not announced (19459004)

Upgraded to the latest version available, the Google Phone app can be set to block phone calls by the type of ad by checking the Caller ID and Spam options, new in the Settings menu. Users can help improve filtering functionality and manually add phone numbers using the Block / report spam option

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