Google Photos could offer new options to adjust bokeh effect in photos generated using dual cameras

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Applying bokeh effects, selectively targeting image focus to highlight a particular region or object, is an increasingly popular trick for smart phone users. But the lack of experience of the occasional photographers and the questionable performances of some smartphones equipped with this type of camera have led to the accumulation of an impressive number of wrongly focused pictures that would deserve some touches

Discovered in the glitter of Google Photos, the new Bokeh effect adjustment feature can fix focus problems even for old photos. but it is not clear exactly how these adjustments will be applied. One of the speculated variants is that Google will use artificial intelligence technologies to "rebuild" the blurred portions of the image.

But a more practical solution would be to use depth information stored separately in the file generated by some dual cameras to recalculate the Bokeh effect by selectively focusing another region in the image. Theoretically, processing can also work in reverse, eliminating blur effects altogether to get a clear picture.

Unfortunately, in the case of pictures for which the bokeh effect has been applied by software fireworks directly to the image, the new adjustment options are unlikely to produce equally convincing results

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