Google Pixel 3 XL appears in real photos. They reveal a "strange" design

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Information about Google Pixel 3 devices has still come online, but now is the first time we see Pixel 3 XL in photos that seem real. We're talking about a Google Pixel 3 XL Terminal, which seems to respect all the details we've received over the past few months, confirming that we're dealing with a cut-screen device, and its software talks about something called "Pixel Dock," an accessory that could provide advanced home features.

Google Pixel 3 XL has come into the hands of a XDA-developer user. He presented some photos with the device, but we can only see the exterior of the software because the software has been remotely disabled by Google

a device equipped with a screen with a more "deep" cut than we have been accustomed to in the last year seems to have a real base, though. Two front chambers, front sensors and call speaker are located in this area, while at the bottom we have a pretty thick frame with a front speaker integrated.

This next door the loudspeaker for calls will most likely be used together for stereo sound playback. However, the design of the device on the front is quite unassailable, resulting in the idea of ​​asymmetry, with a prominent notch and then a rather "chin"

On the back, the Pixel 3 XL does not seem to be very distant from the Pixel 2 XL. We have the same construction with a glass top panel and glossy metal at the bottom with a normal main chamber with a single sensor and a fingerprint sensor. But the power button is orange, a strange decision given that the phone is completely white, the color being called "Clearly White."

The latest Android P update also speaks about a device called Pixel Dock which could turn the phone into a smart speakerphone. When the phone is connected to the Pixel Dock, it can use Google Assistant features and control the smart home appliances in the home. This functionality could eliminate the need to buy a smart device with Google Assistant such as Google Home.

There is also a render with the normal Pixel 3 model, which if proven to be true information, could benefit from a cut-out screen and symmetrical stereo speakers located on the front. The front camera system also has two sensors, while the rear camera comes with only one.

Google Pixel 3 phones are expected sometime in October, most likely being developed internally by Google using the team of engineers bought last year from HTC.

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