Google Play Store now accepts return for digital content even after two weeks


Google has updated the digital product return policy that it sells through the Play Store. If in the past you could claim your money back up to 48 hours after an app has been purchased, it is now possible to quit the app or service two weeks later. These rules come into force only on the territory of the European Union, but

Google's return policy was pretty simple. After the first two hours after purchase, users could "return" the content without complicating the process. For returning in the first 48 hours, Google representatives had to be contacted directly, but the process was still quite simple. For return requests that came more than two days after purchase, Google directed customers to the developer of the app, where no one could guarantee that return would be accepted

The new regulation gives users 14 days to be able to return any content sold on the Google Play Store, whether we're talking about apps or services. Subscriptions are still not covered by such protections. All you can do in the case of a subscription is to cancel the tariff plan, the current month remaining active. In the service category, however, cloud storage is included, which can be dropped without too much trouble

Movies, music, and books can be returned within a maximum of seven days, while pre-paid credit on the Play Store can be returned within three months after the account is powered up. Full details of how the Play Store return system works can be found on Google's technical support site

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