Google prepares a new Chrome browser interface

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Google is testing a new interface design for the Chrome browser called Refresh UI

Still at a preliminary stage, the new interface can be tried by installing Google Chrome Canary, this is the test version of the application. Inactive, the Refresh UI interface can be enabled by visiting the chrome: // flags section, where we call the search function to find the " Layout for the top chrome user interface setting". Choose the option " Refresh " and restart the app.

Users already familiar with the current interface will notice the dropping of the trapezoid tabs in favor of some with rounded corners. These are somewhat smaller, helping to keep a larger number of open pages simultaneously.

For now, Google does not seem to have solved the problem of tabbed overcrowding, which becomes unusable if we reach an unreasonably high number

Inspired by the "Material Design" concept adopted for the Android interface, Refresh UI also brings a bar of addresses with rounded edges, but the functionality is virtually unchanged

Introduced in 2015, the Chrome interface certainly deserves some snapshots, but it is unclear how long it will take until Google releases the new version officially.

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