Google removes Kodi multimedia application from search suggestions


Google continues the fight against piracy, now blocking the name of a popular software used by users to play illegally downloaded videos. The Kodi name is now blocked from automatic search suggestions, as the multimedia rendering application is usually associated with piracy, despite the fact that the application itself is open source and completely legal. Changing autocomplete suggestions does not prevent users from finding an app on Google

As of 2011, Google began to remove certain terms associated with piracy from its automated searches and suggestions in an attempt to limit users' access to illegal content. Also, some pages were completely removed from searches if they had multiple complaints under the DMCA act that protects intellectual property in the United States. Of course, these measures can not keep users who are pirating away from content, but can make access to it much more complicated

Blocking the term Kodi is a strange move, as the application itself is not to blame for being used to consume illegal content. This is available on multiple platforms, initially started as an unofficial app to turn an Xbox console into a multimedia center. Kodi is also struggling with various companies that use their application without permission to develop hardware for Android multimedia playback, while maintaining a good relationship with MPAA, the American film association

Since Google does not offer very high transparency in anti-piracy, it is not clear what other terms have been hidden alongside Kodi. Also, Google does not usually comment on these decisions.

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