Google Translate improves offline

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Google Translate, one of the oldest Google services, has been included for some time and offline. But the mobile app's operation, when an internet connection was not available, was left unnecessary in some situations

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technologies added to the online version of Google Translate are now available in the offline version of the translation engine, significantly improving the accuracy of interpretations

The system based on neural processing technologies can generate translations into natural language, analyzing the sentence in its entirety to determine the meaning of each expression and group of words. Compared to a classic system that analyzes individual words without taking into account their meaning in the sentence, the NMT engine is more effective in avoiding translation cracks that have attracted many jokes from users in the past.

The mobile app goes even further, rearranging the final text to meet the grammar rules of that language. Similar optimizations are also applied to the vocal synthesis engine, aiming at better reproduction of the accents and tone of the sentence, taking into account punctuation

Available for 59 international languages, enhanced offline translation has been included in both the Android and iOS version of Google Translate.

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