Google will take into account the speed of uploading websites for mobile search ranking


The priority to display in Google Search lists is one of the issues that determine whether a site will grow in popularity, become known to a number of readers, or fall into anonymity. Addressing the needs of smartphone users, Google has announced some time ago that it will prioritize in the Google Search lists those sites that have well-optimized mobile versions. Initially, the claim only referred to how content was presented, with even a set of recommendations for web developers looking to optimize for devices equipped with small screens

Starting from the premise that not all mobile devices have powerful processors and fast internet access, Google will also take into account the speed of page loading, sites too busy with commercials, or hosted over overloaded servers to lose. The measure would also compensate for the removal of Instant Search functionality from the search engine mobile version, which promised to shorten the time to accessing the desired information

In order not to put too much trouble on administrators of sites that do not pose any particular problems, Google will only penalize those pages that generate very long waiting times. For example, when the images inserted on the page are too numerous or have a much higher resolution than is required

The new rules apply to all sites, regardless of the display technologies used.

Google recommends web administrators want to avoid site penalizing to measure page load speeds using tools like Lighthouse, Chrome User Experience Report, or PageSpeed ​​Insights

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