Google withdraws Chrome update after criticism of "spoofing" functionality of web browser games


Starting with Chrome version 66, Google has introduced auto-lock for all video clips inserted into webpages and set with autoplay mode. But the company did not anticipate the impact of this change on numerous online gaming sites and pages that use sound in a completely harmless way to complement the visual experience offered to users

Back in revision 66.0.3359.181, the Chrome PC version temporarily stops automatic audio blocking, but only for websites that use the Audio Audio API for sound playback, not those using HTML tags. The concession is only intended to allow webmasters to make the necessary changes to comply with Google's new rules, and set the games and videos to start with the sound off, so users can manually start the sound if they want to.

Google will automatically switch back to audio on web pages, starting with Chrome 70, expected to launch in October

The bad news is that many of the web browser games in circulation are pretty old, updating them to meet the new Google criteria is unlikely

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