GPD Win 2, the gaming laptop that fits into your pocket, has an official launch date and launch date


Launched last year with the Atom processor, the portable size of a Nintendo 3DS console makes the switch to the Intel Core platform, running pretentious games like GTA V.

Delivered with the Windows 10 operating system, GPD Win 2 is powered by a Core C3-7Y30 processor, equipped with an HD Graphics 615 accelerator and assisted with 8GB of RAM. Although not comparable to the power of a dedicated graphics accelerator with the NVIDIA or AMD core, the integrated graphics solution included with the Intel processor could run enough games in acceptable performance conditions, especially since the 6 "screen only uses 720p resolution

Compensating for the increased power consumption of the Core3000 processor, the Asian GPD manufacturer nearly doubled the capacity of the battery, the two Li-ion cells delivering 4900mAh

Slightly heavier and more massive than the previous model, GPD Win 2 integrates a gamepad with vibration function, coupled with a miniaturized version of the standard Windows PC keyboard, which only has a numeric keygroup missing

According to the data provided by the manufacturer itself, Win 2 can run Grand Theft Auto V at a speed of 38 frames per second using maximum quality settings. Similarly, Overwatch and Skyrim would run at an average of 50-70 fps.

Like a Windows 10 PC, GPD Win 2 can be used to access the Steam account collection of games or other similar platforms

Funded in an Indiegogo campaign, the GPD Win 2 laptop can be pre-ordered for $ 649, $ 250 more than the model released last year. Scheduled for launch in May 2018, GPD Win 2 will eventually have an official $ 899

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