GrayKey Unlocks iPhone – How It Works

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The company GrayShift has designed a box that can unlock an iPhone without knowing the password. Already last year, the name of the box, GrayKey, became known, but at that time it was still not sure if it was a device or a service. The website MalwareBytes has now published some pictures of the box and the software. However, it was asserted that the website of Greyshift was protected by a portal, which is only released for requests from security authorities.

Here's how GrayKey works for unlocking iPhones

The box has two Lightning ports, so two devices can be connected at the same time. Once an iPhone is connected, special software will be installed to guess the password. After the installation, the password will start immediately. For four-digit passwords, the device requires a few hours, while longer six-digit passwords take several days.

The password will then appear on the Device screen output. If you connect the iPhone back to GrayKey, all data will be downloaded from the device. This includes unencrypted keychain data that can now be accessed from a computer.

Given the box specifically for government agencies was designed, the device is not cheap. There are two options. The first costs about $ 15,000 and requires an internet connection. Geofencing ensures that GrayKey can only be used at a predefined location. The second option, on the other hand, is resolved by both conditions. For $ 30,000, the device can be used anywhere without an internet connection. However, this version requires an additional password.

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