Great Jubilee: 200 editions Mac Life!

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The Mac Life has led a double life for several months, unnoticed by the public. Like the Mac before the transition from PowerPC to Intel processors! While we’ve been trying to show you a regular Mac Life in the usual quality, we’ve been working on a whole new Mac Life in parallel.

Together with art director Jan Famira and in connection with reader surveys, telephone interviews with individual readers and many hours of critical magazine analysis, we distilled out what Mac Life should really be about.

For many changes we needed a sledgehammer, for others rather tweezers. Because the Mac Life exists since now 200 issues and already had in its previous form many fans in completely Europe. It was not necessary to completely disassemble the existing and throw everything away. Rather, it was about preserving what you and we at Mac Life love, while optimizing it where it was needed. So we ended up with a completely new Mac Life that you surely recognized.

The man for the fines

Art Director Jan Famira has over 15 years of experience in the design of newspapers, magazines and logos. In addition, a thorough knowledge of the magazine market, including through stations in the BILD Group, Gruner + Jahr, the Heise media, the German publisher and the Evangelical Church.

In several months of work, we have left no stone unturned and designed the best Mac Life for you.

– Sebastian Schack, Chief Editor Mac Life

And what is different now?

The new Mac Life is intended to provide you as the reader, above all, maximum utility and be in your daily use of Mac, iPhone, iPad and all other Apple devices a reliable guide and companion. At the same time it should be a modern and entertaining magazine and not just a dusty-dry technical booklet.

Better readability: The Mac Life is full of valuable content. Now these are even easier to consume. We decided to use new fonts that have a much better readability.

Generous Pictures: A worn-out wisdom, but nevertheless true: a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve made the new Mac Life more visually stunning – but of course only where it makes sense.

More Personality: The new Mac Life is more opinionated than ever before and contains numerous comments and personal tips, tricks and hints from the competent authors of the Mac Life team.

Info-Snacks: No time for the whole article? No problem! The new Mac Life offers countless info bits that convey important information and may convince you to read the entire article.

Details: The new Mac Life is at the interface of expertise, high utility, aesthetic design and attention to detail, making it the most modern Apple magazine in Europe.

Sweepstakes and Reader Feedback

We hope you enjoy the new Mac Life as much as we do. However, we are at least as interested in what you do not like, so that we can continue to get better. Just write to us at

All information about the big anniversary sweepstakes can be found in the all-new Mac Life 04/2018 from page 22.


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