Guilty: distraction by Apple Watch driving a car

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An Ontario Court judge of Justice ordered that student Victoria Ambrose pay a fine of $ 400. Her offense: she had stared too long at her smartwatch while she was driving her vehicle

A policeman had seen the lights come on while the woman was standing at a red light. The police officer reported that the woman looked at the device four times in 20 seconds and did not look at the green traffic light.

In Ontario, it is illegal for drivers to use cell phones and other portable communication and entertainment devices such as smartphones, portable phones Media players, GPS systems and laptops can speak, text, type, vote or email.

“Although the Apple Watch is smaller than a mobile phone, it is a communication device capable of transmitting data Even though it is attached to the defendant’s wrist, it offers a distraction ability like a smartphone.

In 2015, an investigation was conducted in the UK, after which the use of a smartwatch while driving More dangerous than using a smartphone.

According to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), a driver needs a message on An Apple Watch reads 2.52 seconds to respond while a driver talking to another passenger reacts in 0.9 seconds.

How do you see that? Should the use of a smartwatch while driving be punished in Germany as well as the use of the smartphone?

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