Hackers hired by agencies in Russia would attack networks around the world in an ample campaign


Hackers backed by Russian government agencies attacked cybernetic systems around the world in an espionage campaign targeting institutions, companies, critical infrastructure, and even private individuals, accusing the United States and Britain, according to Mediafax

US and UK officials have announced they will issue an alert in connection with these cyber attacks targeting Internet signal relaying to supply critical infrastructure systems in an espionage campaign that could be used in the future offensive operations.

"When we see such harmful cybernetic activities, whether they come from the Kremlin or other negative state entities, we reject them," Rob Joyce, the president of the US Presidency's cyber security coordinator, said on Monday. In February, the White House attributed to Russia the "NotPetya" cyber attack committed in 2017, an action that affected the infrastructure in Ukraine and computers around the world, vehemently condemned by Washington and London

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The governments of the countries have asked the victims of the attacks to report any harmful activity to better understand the impact of the cybernetic campaign. We still do not have a complete insight into the purpose of cyber attacks, "said Jeanette Manfra, an official in the US Department of Homeland Security

Cyber-infected systems could be used for future offensive cyber operations, US and British officials say. "Software could be positioned to be used in tense times," draws attention to Ciaran Martin, director of the British National Center for Cuber Security, explaining that "millions of computers" have been targeted

Russian cyber attacks have affected a number of companies, including Internet signal providers, private companies, and infrastructure managers. Ciaran Martin explained that the authorities have been monitoring these activities for a year, underlining that this is a broad campaign that may affect "systems such as large companies or private offices."

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