Hardware in the short test: Bluestein Armband, Riva Audio Festival and more

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Bluestone Bracelet

Apple Watch Bracelet | Apple demands more than 500 euros for its stainless steel limb bracelet. Bluestein undercuts Apple drastically over the price.

Apple demands more than $ 500 for its chic stainless steel link bracelet. Certainly, high-quality bracelets can sometimes be more expensive than a watch itself - the Apple Watch is no exception. Among the bracelets offered by Apple itself, the stainless steel limb bracelet is one of the highest quality and most expensive variants at the same time. The timeless design, the material and the workmanship still arouse the desire to buy. Bluestein offers with his limb bracelet a comparable quality for significantly lower price - and undercuts Apple downright drastically. As a material comes according to the manufacturer, the same stainless steel alloy used. In practice, the tape proves to be equal in terms of comfort, handling and resistance. Slight scratches and scratches are unavoidable over time, but can be controlled with polishing cloths. The mechanism for lengthening and shortening the bracelet is particularly clever: individual segments can be removed or added without tools. This bracelet is a good copy of the original. sm

Rating To Blue Stone Bracelet

Manufacturer: Bluestein
Price: 150 Euro
Web: www.bluestein.de
Pro: Great material, well made
Contra: Clasp sometimes gets stuck
Note: 1.4
Conclusion: At first glance, not to be distinguished from the expensive Apple original.

           Product Note

Bluestein® Bracelet for Apple Watch, Premium Stainless Steel Band Strap, with double fold closure, fits Apple Watch 1, 2 & 3 (42 mm, Silver)

Riva Audio Festival

The parcel courier has something to carry: The Riva Festival weighs just six and a half pounds - and has earned the title of "big brother" for the arena presented in the previous issue of Mac Life earned. Elsewhere in the Sonos Play 5 competitors everything seems a bit more adult and more uncompromising: The lush seven-channel amplifier technology of the two-color US-American consists of three Trillium woofers and tweeters, which support both side and front by four passive radiators to let. In terms of sound, the audio beauty enveloped in noble piano lacquer brings 200 watts of output power, which flows into rich and well-defined bass as well as extremely high-resolution highs.

The festival is connected to the Mac, iPhone and iPad via AirPlay protocol. An update to its multiroom-enabled version 2 is already announced, as soon as Apple delivers. But the competitors Chromecast and Spotify Connect are also on board. Even via USB and Bluetooth music may be used for playback input - then, however, must be dispensed with the multiroom sound. tr

Rating to the Riva Audio Festival

Manufacturer: Riva Audio
Price: 550 Euro
Web: www.rivaaudio.de
Pro: excellent sound, high-res audio, charging port for iPhone
Cons: no multiroom on Bluetooth , USB and AUX
Note: 1.3
Conclusion: Sound and feel an experience.

           Product Note

Riva RWF01B-UN Festival Wireless Multi-Room Speaker Black

Mophie Powerstation

Power Bank : Powerbanks are an "always-and-everywhere-in-the-wall" power outlet. The noble Powerstation USB-C XXL perfected the concept of the mobile power reserve: With 19,500 mAh capacity, the power bank with its smart material jacket holds enough energy to fill an iPad Pro with around 20 hours of additional battery life. iPhone users "survive" with the Powerstation even about a week away from a power outlet, via USB-C-PD iPhone 8 and X extra charged quickly. sm

Rating to the Mophie Powerstation

Manufacturer: Mophie
Price: 150 Euro
Web: www.mophie.com
Pro: MacBook compatible, high capacity, very well made, non-slip
Contra: included cable a bit short
Note: 1.6
Conclusion: Luxury Power Bank.

Artwizz TPU Card Case

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