Hardware Short Tests: Logitech Circle 2, Riva Audio Arena and more

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Logitech Circle 2

Our test started incredibly difficult. For weeks, the camera was not recognized by the associated app. An exchange tried Logitech to prevent and with the felt third update of the app, the connection finally worked. The rest of the configuration and integration is very simple and the connection to the camera on the way including image transfer works perfectly. However, there are various confounding factors in the subtleties and comfort functions. Thus, despite activated GPS access for the app does not always recognize the camera, when you are at home and warns you of a self. In principle, the camera can also be used as a motion detector for other HomeKit devices, for example to switch on the light in the hallway when the front door is opened. This also works rather sporadically. It is also a pity that multiple users can not be added to the camera. The system does not (usually) warn you when you are at home, but when, for example, your life partner walks through the picture while you are not at home.

Scoring for the Logitech Circle 2

Manufacturer: Logitech
Price: 199 Euro
Web: www.logitech.com
Pro: HomeKit compatible, many good ideas
Contra: still looks like a beta test in many places -Produkt
Note: 2.6
Conclusion: The basic function is good. Logitech has to work on the rest.

Riva Audio Arena

Take a look twice: On the desk is not about a Sonos One, but with the Arena a particularly compact wireless speaker from the US house Riva Audio. Once the first confusion has been overcome, the elegant, not even 20-centimeter-high, elegant sounding body convinces through its solid workmanship. Where the arena with just under 1.5 kilos is not a lightweight – for the optional and about 20 hours lasting battery even added some weight. Not without reason: Three ADX Trillium drivers and three passive radiators provide the musical output with 50 watts.

And it has it all. Because the rule is: Loud basses anyone can, precisely only a few. The arena can. And that even at low volume. Radiating on three sides, the music literally floats and seems to electrify the room.

The preferred connection in multiroom mode to the Mac, iPhone and iPad is wireless via Apple AirPlay technology, or alternatively Google’s Chromecast can be used , Spotify subscribers can also access the Wi-Fi cube via Spotify Connect.

Rating to the Riva Audio Arena

Manufacturer: Riva Audio
Price: 269 Euro
Web: rivaaudio.de
Pro: Excellent sound, AirPlay support, charging port for iPhone
Contra: –
Rating: 1, 0
Conclusion: Outstanding “Multiroomer” with outstanding sound and finest technology.

Hue Ambiance Lightstrip

Smart Light: Much has been said about Philips’ Hue products. Little of it was bad and rightly so. Unlike many other smart home products, the Hue series are simple. One may be disturbed by the price, but also gets the perfect equipment for indirect lighting or for the construction of an atmospheric “underbody lighting” for floor and wall cabinets, as well as TV benches or sofas.

Rating to the Hue Ambiance Lightstrip

Manufacturer: Philips
Price: 80 Euro
Web: www.philips.de
Pro: high luminosity, quickly installed
Cons: Philips has to improve the configuration app
Note : 1,4
Conclusion: Great light source for kitchen or living rooms.

Bacon Balance Folio Print

iPad case: The Balance Folio Print by the American manufacturer Speck convinces with its precisely fitting seat and stable all-round protection for crashes of up to 1.2 m. The case can be set up in different positions, so that nothing stands in the way of the right perspective. Inside, a soft microfiber lining protects against scratches. Particularly useful are the wake-up function and the snap closure. For purists, the Balance Folio is also available in solid colors.

Rating for Bacon Balance Folio Print

Manufacturer: Speck
Price: 44.95 Euro
Web: speckproducts.de
Pro: perfect fit, wake up function, very robust
Contra: high own weight
Rating: 1,2
Conclusion: Very good case, which convinces by a sophisticated design. The weight is due to the protection.


Bluetooth Speaker: Already funny, what are the unique selling points of loudspeaker manufacturers in the hotly contested Bluetooth market. The Firecracker, for example, houses a 500 lumen flashlight. The outer dimensions of a small thermos make it clear: the audiophile device courtes the outdoor enthusiast. This is also supported by a battery life of 25 hours per charge. Sonically, you expect a bit more of a monster product in the bass range. The Libratone Too, for example, develops more whims.

Rating to Firecracker

Manufacturer: Monster
Price: 129.95 Euro
Web: monsterproducts.eu
Pro: sturdy, waterproof, aptX-Bluetooth, 500 lumens
Contra: average sound
Note: 2.6
Conclusion: Solid sound in a practical format for the outdoor backpack.

3Sixt Neo Case

iPhone case: Good thinking is unfortunately not always equally well done. Nice is the idea that the part of the case in which the iPhone is stuck, only magnetically attached to the imitation leather cover. So you can quickly and easily run the iPhone even “half-protected” with you. Unfortunately, the two parts of the case do not position themselves over the magnets themselves, so you have to fumble something to bring the recesses for the camera exactly on top of each other. In addition, the “overall hull” is unfortunately quite thick.

Scoring for the 3Sixt Neo Case

Manufacturer: 3Sixt
Price: 29.95 Euro
Web: 3sixtgear.com
Pro: offers space for money and cards
Contra: quite thick and associated with fumbling
Note: 3.0
Conclusion: Basically practical but not completely thought out.

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