He saved his drone only a few seconds before he landed in the water

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Drops for filming are very accurate equipment that can capture impressive images in the hands of those who are good, but they have a few disadvantages: the majority are not waterproof, and the battery does not offer much autonomy. But what do you do when the droning you are running is batteryless and starts to descend over a lake? Well, you go swimming to it, because no one wants a budget hole of several hundred or thousands of euros.

DaveSvorking, a YouTuber who started filming with the drones without making sure he had enough autonomy to get her back to the point of departure, found this on his skin. Seeing the drones begin to descend slowly to the water, he jumped directly into the lake and started toward her swimming. Fortunately, Dave did not wander in vain, for he managed to catch the drones just a few seconds before coming into contact with the water.

Once he caught it, he managed to come back with her on the shore, and the device was "unharmed", as the shooting above proving this incident was filmed with the camera on board. How many drone users would jump in to save their "toy"

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