Hearing Zuckerberg in figures. Facebook head once mentioned ethics in 10 hours


Many of the practices (which are related to the collection of personal data) to large companies offering Internet services are not ethical, although they are (not yet) illegal. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg, the executive director of Facebook, once mentioned ethics during the American Congress hearings.

For many of those who followed the hearing, how Zuckerberg responded to the questions further deepened the mystery surrounding how Facebook works behind the curtain. The event also showed how few legislators know about the current Internet. The same questions were repeated by members of the House of Representatives after they were put up the day before the senators, and Zuckerberg fled to talk about Facebook's future plans, a company that is now undergoing a picture crisis.

Fast Company has extracted some interesting statistics from the 10 hours of hearings:

Words of Zuckerberg: 30.147

How many times did Zuckerberg mention ethics: 1

References made by the Facebook co-founder to his bedroom at Harvard (where he started the social networking): 12

References to Diamond and Silk (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson), Trump's supporters whose pages have been blocked: 9

How many times did Zuckerberg say his team will come back with more information about a subject: 23

References to censorship in China and Burma (combined): 7

How many times did he point out that Facebook "does not sell data": 6

Whenever Zuckerberg used the word "pipelines" with reference to the internet or to describe this service: 6

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