Here are the best-selling ten mobile phones so far


Apple, Samsung and Huawei are leading the mobile market worldwide, each succeeding to deliver canceling tens of millions of units. However, the best-selling ten mobile phones of all time are not just high-tech models or recent models. In addition to a few entries in the list, most of them are devices launched in the early 2000s, which many of us remember with nostalgia now, when smartphones have begun to replace many other devices around us.

So, it should not be a big surprise that Nokia 1100 is the best-selling phone of all time. This budget model was launched in 2003 and has proven to be a very durable, basic-functionality model that has been available all over the world. With 250 million units sold, it will hardly be surpassed by another phone in the near future, especially when we consider how crowded the market is at this time, both on the entry-level and high- end.

The Nokia 1110 is not very far from its older "brother". It was delivered in a volume of 250 million units, but it did not have a concrete count, and given that it came to the market two years apart in 2005, it is likely to have sold a slightly smaller volume . In terms of functionality, it was very similar to 1100, the design being a bit different.

Third place is probably the most impressive in this list: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the first Apple phones with large displays that sold over 220 million units. These are the most advanced smartphones in the list of bestselling phones and can still be used today as everyday phones with access to all AppStore apps and the latest version of Apple's iOS software. Incidentally, iPhone 6 will also receive iOS 12 this autumn, promising high performance

The following places in the ranking are occupied by another model in this list, Nokia 5230 a model released in 1999, Nokia 1200, Nokia 6600 Samsung E1100 with an estimated sales of 150 million for each. The Nokia 6600 and 5230 are the only other smartphones besides the iPhone 6 on the list, and the Samsung E1100 is the only model of the Korean company that has reached this top

Finally, the last two places are occupied by Nokia 2600 with 135 million units sold, a 2004 model without too many special features, but well built and autonomous for a few days and Motorola RAZR V3 the only Motorola model on the list that managed to sell 130 million units worldwide

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