Here's what will happen with the Tesla Roadster car sent by Elon Musk in space

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At this moment, a car produced on Earth is heading for the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Tesla Roadster, which belonged to billionaire Elon Musk, was successfully launched in space on board the most powerful rocket ever produced by people, Falcon Heavy

The car will not "float" intact for decades through space. If it succeeds near Mars, it is possible that a wrong trajectory calculation will lead to its collapse at the surface of the Red Planet.

If it goes beyond this obstacle, Tesla Roadster will have to be fortunate and not to be struck by the various space objects, such as the asteroids, which are moving at high speed in our solar system. Even a small asteroid can disintegrate it.

If it does not hit anything in the first few months, the car will start to be destroyed by radiation. The first elements that will yield will be plastic materials and carbon fiber bodywork, according to William Carroll, a chemist at the University of Indiana and an expert in plastics and organic molecules. In less than a year, the Roadster will be unrecognizable, according to him. Will remain the chassis of aluminum, other metals and glass components

Another chemist, Richard Sachleben, said that even after a million years, the remains of the car will be found in space. However, it will be difficult for our descendants or another civilization to quickly identify the object discovered in space, Carroll believes.

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