Hide Contact Photos in News on iPhone – Here’s how

The contact photos in the News app have been available not only on the Mac for some time but also on the iPhone. After a software update, this was not only possible on the Plus models, but also came on smaller devices. However, that does not have to be and you can hide it as well. We would therefore like to show you how this works and what the benefit can be.

Photos of contacts are extremely helpful When someone calls you, they'll see the contact photo on the big screen, and they'll know who's waiting for you at the other end of the phone, just like the News app, and you can use the photos to get the contact you want on the message But deactivating can also bring benefits, especially older devices can benefit from it, since the processor is less loaded is steady and thus a smooth scrolling is possible.

How to Hide Contact Photos in the News App

First, pick up your iPhone and then open the Settings app. Scroll down and select the item "Messages" from the menu. Slide the slider to the left next to "Show Contact Photos" to turn them off. Contact photos will no longer appear in the News app and you will be able to leave the Settings app.

Tip: If you disable the contact photos, you will see a message in the News app longer preview appears. While these are not many extra characters, they can still make the difference. For devices with 3D Touch, this is not important anyway, since a very comprehensive preview can be called up via a fixed print.

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