Hit against DDoS service providers, admins arrested.

For small money (starting at around 11.50 Euro), users of the webstresser.org platform were able to place an order for the DDoS attack on other websites. In this way, even lay people were granted access to resources that would otherwise be difficult to use.

Beat Against Cybercriminals

The site had 136,000 registered users. They were used to perform so-called DDoS attacks on other websites. In a simplified way, this is the congestion of the web server's capabilities behind the web pages. In the shortest possible time, as many IP addresses as possible query the affected server. Under load, these act slower or even with a failure.

According to media reports, the Webstresser platform is also behind DDoS attacks on the websites of seven British banks, which were executed in November 2017. Other victims include websites of government organizations as well as servers of computer and video game manufacturers. If there were any difficulties in online gameplay, it could have been the fault of gamers who were struggling to defeat but charged the service with an attack.

Webstresser Infrastructure Confiscated

The website webstresser.org has been shut down and the infrastructure of the platform seized in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. However, visitors to the website will be redirected to a new website and informed of the police action .

But it is not just the operators who are in the spotlight. The different police authorities are also against the most frequent users of the website. These are reportedly from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. Against this background, the authorities also emphasize that DDoS attacks are a crime and threatened with imprisonment in addition to a fine.

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