HMD could re-launch Nokia 2010 model 25 years ago


Together with the Nokia 3310, the new device enters the selection of select Nokia phones with retro design, brought back to life from nostalgia to a long-time mobile telephony era

Announced in 1994, Nokia 2010 is the first mobile phone to truly support SMS sending and receiving. The device had a monochrome LCD display that could display two lines of text, SMS alerts, and a T9 keyboard that made it easy to compose text messages

Otherwise, Nokia 2010 was a typical "brick" for the Finnish company, with an expandable GSM antenna and a large battery, based on a lower Li-ion technology

Ready for re-launch in a modern version, the new Nokia 2010 will have 4G LTE connectivity and could be delivered with a selection of "essential" applications, such as the WhatsApp and Facebook client

Like it as the modern version of the Nokia 3310, the 2010 model retains some of the predecessor's design, such as the keyboard layout and rectangular shape of the case. However, other issues such as color screen and compatibility with new mobile communications standards are issues that can not be neglected on a product to be launched in 2018.

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