HomeKit authentication in iOS 11.3 by software. Apple launches HomeKit with the upcoming update for its iOS operating system. Rather among distant suppliers, the iPhone maker from Cupertino today announced a far-reaching change that could bring the "smart home" and Apple closer together again

HomeKit soon completely software-based

Next to new Animoji or ARKit 1.5 will be iOS 11.3 major changes for the HomeKit authentication include. Previously, manufacturers had to hardware for the changes This has meant that significantly fewer vendors are willing to agree than perhaps possible, and moreover, the products are more expensive than necessary because of the extra hardware.

Many manufacturers have solved this through an add-on product such as a bridge or a hub. The lighting products from Philips Hue are included. Other manufacturers such as Elgato, on the other hand, integrated the required HomeKit hardware directly into the components. But the manufacturer's radiator thermostats are among the most expensive on the market. So in the future, that would not be necessary anymore?

Many new HomeKit devices in the starting blocks?

That's the end now. Because with iOS 11.3 Apple allows HomeKit authentication via software. This means that providers of existing smart home devices could make their products compatible with a firmware update. Of course, it's not "as easy" as in the plain theory. But with this step, Apple opens its system and abandons the path of protectionism.

Announcement below distant

The mere availability of the feature does not mean, however, that the developers immediately jump on the bandwagon. Stutzig also makes that Apple announces the change only in distant Liefen. It can almost be found at the end of its own press release on iOS 11.3.

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