HomePod already expensive in production – Low margin for Apple

When Apple announced the HomePod for $ 349 last year, users and press talked about the "typical Apple price," once again above the competition. Now the Smart Speaker has been released in the US, UK and Australia and the inner life has now been highlighted. According to Bloomberg, the increased price is due to the components used, which allow only a small margin for Apple than is the case with competing products. According to the report, the manufacturing costs of the individual components should amount to about $ 216. The margin is therefore only 38 percent. By comparison, the Google Home margin is around 68 percent, while Amazon Echo products sell around 56 percent more than the cost of manufacturing.

According to IHS Markit and TechInsights experts, components such as the microphones, tweeters, woofers and power management chips cost around $ 58. Smaller parts needed for Siri cost another $ 60. The built-A8 chip, which takes on a variety of tasks and also Siri fired, is estimated at about $ 25.50. Another $ 25 will be added for the external case and other external elements. According to the experts, the production, testing and packaging amount to $ 17.50.

However, we would like to point out an important fact here. Some time ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a statement regarding such estimates. Cook said back then that actual production costs deviate significantly from such estimates. Unfortunately, he did not go into detail here.


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