HomePod: Apple Releases User Guide with All Functions

Still in Germany we have to wait for the HomePod. If you would like to have a detailed overview of all functions of the smart Siri speaker, you can now take a look at the User Guide for the HomePod. Maybe as an aid to the purchase decision.

In the packaging of various devices of Apple finds a short quick start guide at most, a detailed manual is looked for as a customer in vain.Also with the HomePod is only a small leaflet included.Whoever seeks more detailed information, either Apple in the iBook store or on the website, published there the group free manuals with all important functions.Since today also to HomePod in the form of a user guide.

First, the setup process is discussed. For this an iOS device is absolutely necessary, because only over it the HomePod can be configured. As compensation, the device is as simple as the AirPods. Just hold the iPhone close to the HomePod and the setup dialog will pop up and guide you through the process. The user guide also provides more detailed information on Siri’s controls and functions. For example, music can also be controlled via the touch interface of the HomePod without having to resort to Siri.

Siri becomes music expert

Apple’s language assistant gets a lot of music knowledge especially for the HomePod. So Siri can not only play music on demand, but also find cover versions and select certain genres and decades. And Siri also has information about musicians themselves.

Currently the User Guide is only available in English, after all the HomePod is only sold in America, Australia and Great Britain. For Germany, a sales start in the spring is announced.

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