HomePod better than Sonos One and Google Home Max?

HomePod better than Sonos One and Google Home Max? Apple's Smart Speaker you can pre-order today. However only in the UK, in the USA and in Australia. Technical journalist Lance Ulanoff was able to listen to the device on several occasions and is quite pleased. The Siri speaker is a good advertisement for Apple's voice assistant and would leave the competition behind.

Siri has one expensive new home

Apple releases a smart speaker, Ulanoff calls the loudspeaker an expensive home for Siri, but the journalist is nevertheless sympathetic, the HomePod is a good ambassador for Siri, and the device is superior in its sound quality of the competition.

Especially interesting against this background is the ni edged power consumption of the device. Only 1.76 watts in standby and 9.25 watts at 50 percent volume and music playback. On average, assuming 20% ​​usage and 80% standby, there is an advantage over the competition in the maintenance costs. Since the purchase pays quickly.

Better than the competition

Seven months ago Ulanoff could try the HomePod for the first time. In the meantime, he was allowed to listen to him again in different scenarios. He is enthusiastic. Apple's Smart Speaker can easily separate the different facets of songs, he explains. In a song by Ed Sheeran he hears the guitar and the voice of the singer-songwriter each as independent sound waves. He feels as if he's sitting in a café and the pop singer is playing a concert for him.

The device was even more amazing when compared to Google Home Max and Sonos One hear. Apparently, Apple did so when it invited Ulanoff and probably a bunch of other journalists to an event.

"Recently, though, I heard Apple's HomePod again in a variety of scenarios and spaces. Sonos One, the HomePod's separation of sounds and fidelity to original instrumentation is astonishing. "

Easy to set up

It's been sounding even better, especially when compared to Google Home ] Like last time with the new Apple TV 4K or newer iPhones and iPads the mechanism works very easy. When you get close enough to a device that already contains all the information, a layover on the display indicates that you can start initializing. There's no need to enter the wi-fi password.

And Siri continues where you left off. You have chosen a female or male voice? Then Siri welcomes you.

Apple Music and the HomePod

Apple Music is directly integrated into the HomePod. If you have a subscription, you can ask the integrated language assistant to play songs from the 45 million title catalog. You do not need the iPhone for this.

However, if you want to use competitive services, such as Spotify or Deezer, then you will first need to use an iPhone or iPad with the HomePod as the AirPlay speaker

Siri Ambassador

As mentioned earlier, Ulanoff also sees in the HomePod an ambassador for Siri. The voice assistant can show what he can do so far away from the iPhone. For music questions he was made even smarter and with the HomeKit control results for some people an interesting usage scenario.

How big the demand will be, we still have to wait.

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