HomePod: Confusion about interchangeable power cable

There is some confusion about the HomePod, or better its power cable. Apple equips the smart speaker with a very high-quality cable with fabric cover, but does not rely on USB-C or Lightning. Instead, the HomePod seems to be tightly connected to its power supply. In the case of a defective cable replacement is very difficult to be possible. At least until recently thought.

A user of the platform Reddit wanted to know exactly and pulled once very strong on the power cable of his own HomePods. And indeed, not only can it be easily removed with a bit of violence, but it can also be easily plugged in again with a loud click sound. In an internal service document, however, Apple warns against pulling out the cable on its own. This could cause internal damage to the HomePod.

Instead, users should deliver their Siri speakers to Apple or an authorized service partner if the cable is gnawed by a pet, for example. It will be exchanged for $ 29. Should be out of warranty even more defective, the HomePod can only be completely exchanged for a rather expensive service fee of $ 279. The service prices for Germany are not fixed yet. Apple plans to release the HomePod in Germany this spring.

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