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On the platform reddit a user has published extensive test results of the HomePod These are proof that the HomePod can certainly handle high-class loudspeakers.

Extensive tests

In fact, an extensive test was published in / audiophile. As is the case for professional tests, the experimental conditions are also described. We learn both that the test room is less than 12 square meters in size, which tools were used in the measurements, and which methods for evaluating the data; The entire review is written in English only.

The tester concludes that the HomePod sounds better than a KEF X300A speaker. A pair of these wireless speakers cost just under $ 1,000. Two HomePods are not only cheaper, but you can soon synonymous via FullRoom also connect to the stereo playback. One of Apple's smart speakers alone sounds better than a single KEF speaker. "Presumably," two connected HomePods will sound better than a pair of them, presumably because, despite his extensive review, the tester has so far only been able to put one of Apple's smart speakers to the test.

HomePod Delivers Great Sound

Particularly interesting for all owners is that the HomePod transports both low, mid and high frequencies in the range between 40 Hz and 20 kHz very well. The result is a maximum of two decibels.

In addition, the tester found that Apple controls the playback of its speaker in such a way that it produces a "aurally loud volume." This means that Apple manages to produce a comparable impression at low volumes, but also at very high volume levels.

Do not put HomePod directly on surface

One tip was left over by Redditor. The HomePod sounds best if you do not place it directly on a surface, but increase it by a few inches.

Maybe Apple will offer a stand itself over time, or third-party manufacturers will offer one as an accessory.


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