HomePod: Delivery time still increases

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The HomePod is Apple’s first new device for the year 2018. Unlike, for example, the iPhone, the smart Siri loudspeaker initially seemed much less in demand his, as hoped by Apple, at least he was not sold out until the end. Now, the delivery times, at least in part, just before the release but a little more.

Apple is quite spoiled for success, with new iPhone and iPad models selling themselves usually so good that the delivery time climbs up to several weeks, even a few minutes after the start of the pre-order.Most MacBook is also usually not a store keeper.The HomePod, the new Siri loudspeaker, seems to look a little different.

Seit customers can order the HomePod in Australia, Great Britain and the USA on the 26th of Jan. From the 9th of February the e loudspeakers arrive at the customers, or be available directly in the Apple stores. In contrast to other devices from Apple, the delivery time did not increase and even customers who are late in their journey receive the HomePod on time for the launch. At least in the UK, the demand seems to have been reasonably enough, because the HomePod in both color versions can only be delivered there with a few days delay.

Market for smart speakers still

To what extent the seemingly low demand is actually a bad result for Apple is unclear. The market for smart speakers is currently still growing. In addition, Amazon is currently the clear market leader with its smart echo speakers. The HomePod must first show if he has the stuff to a real competition with Alexa and Co.

           Product Note

The new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), light gray fabric

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