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HomePod interesting for Apple customers. Who would have thought, especially users who already own Apple products are interested in the HomePod. This was confirmed once again by a survey undertaken by Kantar World Panel in the United Kingdom. The iPhone maker itself promotes this behavior by coupling the Smart Speaker-like Apple Watch to its own ecosystem.

HomePod Tied to Apple Products

If you want a HomePod, you’ll need a newer iPhone or iPad, or you can not set up the clever speaker, and you’ve got that hurdle limited to Apple’s range of music when operated directly via voice control.

Of course, you can use AirPlay as well stream content to the HomePod (also from Spotify). Of course, it is only more convenient if you can tell the language assistant what to play.

Apple gives away potential

Kantar’s survey shows that around 130,000 Britons are planning to buy a HomePod. In contrast, but want to buy about 500,000 an Amazon Echo. Unfortunately, we can not understand how the survey results came about.

Apple itself, says Kantar, primarily focuses its own customers on the product. In view of the limitations described above, this is not news, but should be certain.

Too late on the market?

Interesting, however, is at least Kantar’s hint that 12.6 percent of Apple Music customers already own a smart speaker from another manufacturer. It’s not clear from the post of 9to5Mac, whether they are UK customers or Apple customers worldwide. We inquired about editor Ben Lovejoy and will add that if he answers.

But the last word, apparently, has not been read in this Mass. At the same time, the survey shows that some users who already own a “cheap” smart speaker can imagine switching over because of the better quality.

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