HomePod from June 18 in Germany

At first glance, BuzzFeed News seems rather questionable as a source, but it depends on the “news” editor in Nicole Nguyen informed about the HomePod launch in Germany and the launch of iOS 11.4. Nguyen has contacts with Apple and was allowed to conduct an exclusive interview with Apple’s Tim Cook and Angela Ahrendts in front of the camera last year.

HomePod arrives on June 18

At the very end of her News mentions Nicole Nguyen that the HomePod will be available in Germany, France and Canada from June 18.

The wait for the Smart Speaker from Cupertino has come to an end. At least for users from the three countries mentioned. Mac-Life readers from Switzerland and Austria will probably have to wait a while longer until Siri understands their dialect. Because the delay can not be explained otherwise.

Language Problems Reason for Delay?

After all, it was several months ago when the HomePod was offered on February 9 in the US, UK and Australia , The sales figures were “okay”, but not at a level that would justify a shift for production reasons. Accordingly, it is more likely that the translation of the language assistant caused problems.

Not known, however, is the price for the HomePod in this country. In the US, it costs $ 349 plus taxes. A HomePod with 19 percent tax would cost $ 415. Converted are currently 350 euros. However, it is more likely that the company will offer the device for in Germany for just under 400 euros.

AirPlay 2 comes today

The actual message Nguyen was about AirPlay 2 and multi-room audio. Apparently she has been informed beforehand that Apple is still releasing iOS 11.4

Also tvOS for Apple TV gets an update accordingly. You can then assign and manage AirPlay 2 compatible speakers through the Home app. With AirPlay 2 you can also use multiple speakers in combination. You can even use the HomePod for stereo sound.

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