HomePod gets calendar support with iOS 11.4

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Apple's voice assistant Siri is of course also working on the HomePod is only available in Australia, North America and Great Britain. But the upcoming iOS update casts its shadow and could bring the support for Apple's calendar app on the smart speaker. In the current case, a graphic in the beta of iOS 11.4 during the HomePod setup process shows that the calendar will be supported in the future.

HomePod coming soon with calendar support?

Apple and his beta testers are currently trying out the upcoming iOS 11.4. It also hides features and images related to the HomePod. So far, there is no new beta software for the HomePod. However, in the current beta of iOS 11.4, testers noticed a change in the setup of the Cupertino Smart Speaker before.

So far the HomePod can already send messages (iMessage), set reminders and notes. With the upcoming iOS update will probably be added the function to create calendar entries. The emphasis is on "presumably", since there is no guarantee that the iPhone manufacturer actually integrates the functionality until the release of the final version. Again and again features were tried in the past, but then removed shortly before the update. Examples from the recent past are iMessage in the cloud or AirPlay 2.

Siri soon commands AirPlay better

Also in iOS 11.4 more is expected of the language assistant in connection with AirPlay. You will soon be able to control audio playback on different destinations by voice command.

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