HomePod is almost impossible to repair at home


The HomePod speaker is the focus of these days, being the first new product Apple is launching since Apple Watch. This has already been criticized by those who have managed to get hold of it because of Apple's specific software limitations and high repair costs if it goes badly out of warranty, but we can add one more negative point to this list: the impossibility of repairing at home. iFixit tried to unpack HomePod and came to the conclusion that it can not be "operated" without carcass damage

Inside the Apple speaker there is a lot of interesting technology like a touchscreen with LEDs, hardware similar to what we find in an iPhone 6 (the Apple A8 chipset stands at HomePod), a woofer speaker large and heavy, as well as 8 speakers circularly arranged around the housing. Also, the golden contacts through which these loudspeakers are powered are not often encountered and lead to a more efficient interior design.

Unfortunately, many of the HomePod components are stuck, the user being forced to use hot air to start disassemble the unit. Fortunately, the textile cover can be removed very easily and probably replaced once you untie both sides. Unfortunately, accessing internal components requires the use of a tool that cuts the glue that keeps the pieces together

iFixit has provided a score of 1/10 for reparability, which suggests that you can not really repair a HomePod at home or an unauthorized service. The only option is to go to an Apple authorized center where, if you do not have a valid warranty, the replacement cost is equivalent to 80% of the value of the new product. If a HomePod spoils out of the warranty, it is more economical to buy one already used than to repair it or buy a new one.

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