Homepod leaves white rings on wooden surfaces

Who wants to use a HomePod , can now get a coaster, on which the smart speaker should be placed when as Aufste should serve a wooden furniture. The HomePod damages wood surfaces and leaves white rings.

The stubborn white prints on some wooden furniture are the result of an interaction between the speaker's silicone base and the treated wood. An Apple spokesman has confirmed the problem against VentureBeat.

According to Pocket-Lint, it is enough for the HomePod to stand on an oiled wooden surface to cause the white, ring-shaped discoloration. This fades with time, but does not disappear anymore. The New York Times also reports a "defined white ring on the surface" of an oiled worktop and a wooden side table.

Apple said that the markings may become weaker over several days if the loudspeaker is replaced by the Wooden surface was removed. If they do not disappear, Apple suggests "clean the surface with the oil proposed by the manufacturer" . It is unclear at this point whether the problem is limited to oiled wood surfaces and whether the interaction between speaker and surface also leads to damage to the rubber floor of the HomePod.

Allegedly, Apple has developed the HomePod for six years special acoustic chambers and tested in homes by Apple employees. The contains in particular an upwardly radiating woofer and costs around 350 euros. In this country the device is not yet available.


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