HomePod mini: Is there a smaller and cheaper speaker?

The Economic Daily News news from Taiwan wants to have found out that Apple still has this s year at some price screws would like to turn. So both the new entry-level iPad, and the new MacBook Air are offered cheaper than the currently available devices. Both devices will probably be presented to the public in the coming months. Whether Apple then contrary to its current pricing policy actually offers cheaper products, may at least be doubted.

The report, however, speaks of yet another device. So Apple should also work on a smaller HomePod. Already in the second half of the year, the “HomePod mini” will be ready and cost between 150 and 200 US dollars. The model currently available only in the US, UK and Australia costs $ 349.

A smaller HomePod would make sense to counter the much broader competition even with cheaper smart speakers. If the rumors are true, Apple will probably synonymous with this HomePod to sound as good as possible to settle against Amazon and Google. However, even with the big HomePod Apple still has enough construction sites that need to be edited. So currently there is still the possibility to pair two devices for stereo sound with each other and AirPlay 2 is also delayed.

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