HomePod mini still 2018? Also new Apple Pencil?

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HomePod mini still 2018 ?? Will there be a new Apple Pencil this year? Yes, analyst Jun Zhang von Rosenblatt Securities says. He has issued a new memo to investors, focusing on the two new releases and also evaluating the potential of Apple’s Smart Speaker

New Apple Pencil for iPhone X Plus?

According to Jun Zhang, there will be a new Apple Pencil in 2018. But the accessories are not just compatible with the iPad Pro, but also with Apple’s upcoming iPhone X Plus the group thus also in competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Note? Because Samsung delivers the Android smartphone with a built-in stylus.

HomePod mini as a rival to the Echo Dot?

Apple has just released the HomePod. Since today customers can buy it in the USA, Australia and Great Britain. But according to Zhung, the company could already introduce a second, smaller model in the same year. So to say a “satellite” speaker. It is said to be smaller than the HomePod and offered for $ 150 to $ 200.

Apple is going driven by the competition. For Amazon’s success with Smart Speaker owed mainly to the smaller Echo Dot, the buyer could buy for less than 50 euros.

Potential for HomePod Available

Zhang sees around 10 million HomePods sold later this year. So far, it is said that Apple would deliver around 6 million smart speakers. It is conceivable that a few will be added with a HomePod mini.

But there are also other opinions. For example, a survey by Kantar World Panel showed that of course the interest in HomePod lies exclusively with users who already own Apple products. But some of them have already bought a smart speaker from the competition.

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