HomePod repair expensive, costs almost as much as new

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HomePod repair expensive. The HomePod itself is not cheap. Unfortunately, the repair will not work either. If the device accidentally breaks and they are to blame, hopefully you have AppleCare + completed. Because that is comparatively cheap with 39 US dollars. In contrast, costs of $ 279 for the repair of the device. Assume that the euro prices later assume a comparable level.

Apple products are relatively reliable on average Even if there were products with teething problems in the past, the number of affected devices was usually negligible, but there is always some risk, so Apple’s AppleCare + warranty extension is a good way to do it.

AppleCare + for HomePod pays off

For the HomePod, the warranty extension costs only $ 39. Si e would pay $ 279 to repair the smart speaker if it was due outside the warranty period. This is evidenced by an Apple support document .

With AppleCare +, you can then resort to two repairs during the extended warranty period. They come into their own if you accidentally damage the device. You then pay only $ 39 for a repair. Prices for the German market are not known to us, because the device is not offered in this country. If you can not take the device yourself to an Apple Store, Apple will offer you a shipping service for a flat rate of $ 19.99.

Replacement Service

Apple also offers a service if you want to have a replacement device very fast. At first you will receive a new HomePod shortly. Only then send your device to Apple. It must arrive within 10 days with the manufacturer, otherwise possibly further fees become due. In any case, you will pay a fee of $ 35 for the express service.

HomePod wants to score with audio quality

The first users should get their Apple devices today. The Smart Speaker is currently sold only in the UK, Australia and the US. Tests of the HomePod show that Apple put a lot of emphasis on the audio quality.

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