HomePod Sells Badly – Apple Lowers Production

How well does the HomePod sell itself? Many specialists and journalists start shopping. Unfortunately, as usual, Apple does not publish exact figures. Previously only available in the US, Australia and the UK, the HomePod was almost never sold out. Nevertheless, Apple seemed reasonably satisfied with the result. This should now have changed.

Production is Shutting Down

As reported by the US news portal Bloomberg, Apple has already reduced its orders by the end of March for HomePod production at the supplier Inventec. The smart speaker now seems to be no longer so good on customers. There should be Apple stores selling less than 10 devices per day.

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The reasons for the now weak sales can only be speculated. However, the HomePod still lacks some announced features, such as connecting two devices to a stereo pair and AirPlay 2. Even Siri can not really convince in the smart speaker and distinguish different users by their voice. Even for Apple extreme limitation on its own ecosystem should not please many customers.

By the summer of the HomePod in other countries, including Germany, be available.

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