HomePod: Stereo Mode Called "FullRoom" & Coming Soon

While many electronics manufacturers are using commonly used names for technologies, in many cases Apple takes a different approach and refines them with their own ideas. Whether AirPlay or AirPrint – Apple does it differently. This is also the case with the HomePod. Other companies call a two-speaker setup “stereo sound,” but Apple calls it “FullRoom” and will be released soon.

Yesterday, the first reviews of Apple’s first smart speaker generation called HomePod were released While some users may only buy one speaker because of the price, many buyers of two devices might be disappointed at first Echo competitor will initially support neither multi-room audio nor a stereo setup, the former even becomes him st replenished during the year. The stereo sound with two HomePods will be released soon, but is referred to by Apple as “FullRoom”. This confirmed the company to TechCrunch.

The reason for the delay is unclear but could be technical. Unlike the usual setup, the speakers can not be set as right or left boxes. Instead, Apple uses a sophisticated technology called “beamforming”, which allows both HomePods to automatically adapt to their spatial conditions to deliver the best sound possible. An update for this is expected soon. The multi-room audio support will follow later in 2018 together with AirPlay 2.

Possibly both functions will be available for the German start this spring. However, Apple did not name an exact date nor a price for the market launch in this country. Currently it is speculated that the HomePod could be sold in Germany for a price of 399 euros.

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