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The HomePod is not yet available for purchase, but there is a great deal of interest in Apple’s new smart speaker. Therefore, the tutorials that explain the functionality of the Smart Speaker may be worth a visit.

After launching the HomePod, Apple has launched its YouTube support channel with three new tutorials for the intelligent Speaker equipped. Users can learn about features such as using Siri for music playback, using HomePod’s touch controls, and customizing HomePod settings.

Each tutorial video is about a minute long, and in the description Apple links to relevant support documents that contain additional HomePod documentation.

The HomePod in the US costs about $ 350 and should in Germany in the first half of the year. Direct Bluetooth connectivity does not support the device but provides connectivity to iOS and MacOS devices only via AirPlay.

The manufacturer lists Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud music, Beats 1 radio, podcasts and airplay broadcasts from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac. A sophisticated Spotify voice control is not provided, users can control by voice command only the volume with voice commands and jump on command individual tracks and back. In other words, without an Apple Music subscription or a full iTunes music library, the HomePod is not fun.

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