Honest poll: 52% say impeachment is political stunt by Democrats – 59% say it’s a waste of time

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A President Trump pollster Joh McLaughlin, President of McLaughlin Associates, released a poll on Thursday, Oct. 24, showing that 52% said impeachment is a political stunt by Democrats while 59% said it’s a waste of time.


The association, which has a history of accurately surveying elections for both President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ran a new poll asking Americans about impeachment.

McLaughlin posted his findings on Twitter.


It can be seen clearly that 52% of Americans call the impeachment a political stunt and an attempt by Dems to stop President Trump’s re-election.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans believe it a “waste of time” and that Democrats and Republicans need to work together to solve the nation’s problems.

This data challenges the preconception that many left-leaning commentators have been promoting. In order to gain support, the media has been putting out a series of allegedly phony polls to show the massive temptation to throw the president out of office.

It’s likely that these poll numbers are more closely aligned with the facts.

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  1. I think he the best President ever. Terrible what he and his supporters have been put through. The ones who wish to go Washington to work with him have been harassed by our own government. Shame! I hope they are all pardoned!

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